Who was I yesterday and  who I’m going to be tomorrow : always and never the same.     The Light changes, the Wind changes, the Weather changes, the Seasons change. Our Skin changes, our Hair changes , our Voice changes, our Mood changes, our Knowledge changes, our Feelings change, our Dreams change, our Luck changes, our Habits change , our Thinking changes, our Love changes .
Still.when two people drift apart, they become pictures to each other, like in a photo album; they forget that Change keeps happening.Their Faith changes, their Encounters change, their Curiosity changes, their Actions change, their Taste changes , their Beliefs change,their Soul changes.
Still. once they meet again they have become Different than the last time they met.     Their Life changed, their Looks changed, their Habits changed, maybe their Friendship changed.There Memories changed. Their Forgiveness? Maybe it has changed. Their Happiness ? It could have changed. Their  Sadness? Maybe it has changed.
Who were You a year ago? And who are You today?
Who do you think was the Other person a year ago ?
And how can you know that this Soul is just the same as then?
-Change or Chance?
                                           -It depends on what we enhance.





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